2014 Season Starts!


Welcome back to another sailing filled summer with DSA!

We are very excited to get back out on the water again! The weather is looking promising so stock up on sunscreen. DSA is very thrilled to announce that a BRAND NEW Martin 16 has been added to our fleet thanks to Variety the Children’s Charity! What do you get when you put our speedy DSA racers in this new Martin 16? We’ll find out in 2015 when we host Mobility Cup!
                 Check out the Registration page to register for the 2014 season. Registration will be held at the CFSA Yacht Club in the main clubhouse. Please don’t forget to register early to avoid line-ups and late registration!
Special thanks go to Kris Thannhouser, Dmitri Rossinski, Ken Kelly, Bill MacDonald, the DSA Board, CFSA and the many more CFSA/DSA volunteers that worked hard throughout the year to maintain and repair our boats after a very busy summer!
New Staff, New Boat, New Sailors! This will be one fun summer!
See you on the water!

2013 Season Ends

175 sailors, 675 sails, and four great instructors!  IMG_0265Thank you to Hannah Brady, Matt Montgomery, Claire Brady, and Brock Poesiat for providing welcoming, supportive, and encouraging opportunities for people to experience sailing, learn to sail, and to race.  Each of you brought something unique to the program and your commitment and enthusiasm for your sport made every day on the water a great one.  We also want to thank all of our volunteers who make it possible for us to extend many more opportunities for people to sail than would be possible with our staff of four. Each of you is a tremendous resource for both us and the sailors.

Many thanks to Kris Thannhauser, Director, DSABC, Victoria, for coordinating our end of season BBQ, and to Todd Linski and his staff from Victoria’s MEDIchair® for providing the food and cooking it for us. We had a great turn out and everyone attending appreciated the food you provided and your interest and support of DSABC, Victoria. DSC_0154

Finally, we would be remiss not to thank our host club CFSA, Esquimalt Squadron for providing the venue for all of this good stuff to happen, and their ongoing support.

We hope to see all of the sailors back on the water next season!


Cork County Council IFDS 2013 World Championships

IFDS1267819_501034059989036_1540665945_o The International International Association for Disabled Sailing (IFDS) 2013 World Championships are taking place in Kinsale, Ireland this week. Victoria is well represented with John McRoberts and Jackie Gay sailing in the SKUD 18 class, Bruce Millar sailing in the International 2.4mR class, and former DSABC, Victoria Commodore Paul Tingley sailing in the Sonar class with his crew comprised of Logan Campbell and Scott Lutes.

Glorious sunshine and 10-12 knot winds welcomed the 120 sailors from 19 nations to Kinsale on Sunday in advance of the start of the Cork County IFDS World Championships. Results from the Practice race saw John and Jackie finish 1st in the SKUD 18 fleet, and both Bruce, and Paul and his crew finish 5th in their respective fleets.

The championships got underway today at 12 noon with two races planned daily until Friday. Light winds of just 2-3 knots expected for today’s racing.  As you can see from the photo all fleets were under postponement while they waited for the wind.
For more information and to follow the results go to: www.ifdsworlds2013.com


DSABC, Victoria Strategic Plan

DSA Strat Plan Cover

In 2011, DSABC, Victoria developed a strategic plan to guide the evolution of the organization.  Strategic plans should be dynamic, they reflect a particular point in the process of strategic planning, which should be never ending. We invite you to review this plan and consider how you can help us further our mission and reach our goals.  We welcome your input and encourage you to let us know the direction you think our programs should be going.  Please share your views and opinions with us.

DSA’s New Program Headquarters

Image 1DSABC, Victoria will be operating out of a new office on the CFSA foreshore this summer. This relocation was necessitated when Base Construction and Engineering Office (BCEO) condemned the office we have used previous summers.  Emily Boardman, Director, DSABC,Victoria and Recreation Integration Victoria’s new Coordinator of Services came up with a solution to our displacement by arranging for the rental an ATCO Site Office as our program headquarters for our 2013 season.

ImageBill Macdonald acted as our liaison between DSABC, Victoria and CFSA regarding our relocation and requirements. We are once again indebted to CFSA, specifically Dana Govang, Chairman, Foreshore Committee, Marty Vachon, and Alan Reese, for constructing a substantial ramp to make the new office accessible.   BCEO Electricians ran a power feed and hooked up the office to electricity for us.

This is a temporary solution for this season, over the fall and winter we will be working with CFSA to come up with a more permanent solution.

Bravo zulu to all those who helped to make this move seamless and take place before our season started.

DSABC, Victoria Staff 2013

Claire Brady, Instructor, Hannah Brady, Head Instructor (back, left to right) Matt Montgomery, Instructor, Brock Posesiat (front, left to right)

Claire Brady, Instructor, Hannah Brady, Head Instructor (back, left to right)
Matt Montgomery, Instructor, Brock Poesiat Instructor (front, left to right)

DSABC, Victoria welcomes the return of Hannah Brady, Head Instructor and Matt Montgomery, Instructor for our 2013 season.  Rounding out our staff are Claire Brady, Instructor and Brock Posesiat Instructor.  We’re looking forward to another great season!

All of DSABC, Victoria’s instructors/coaches are Sail Canada certified.  This means that after participating in several Sail Canada Learn to Sail courses they have then gone on to take their CANSail Fundamental Course to become a certified instructor.

There are 4 steps to becoming a certified sailing instructor: prerequisites, theory, technical and evaluation.  All instructors have to read, sign and adhere to the Coaching Code of Conduct.  Trained and certified instructors must register with Sail Canada and submit the annual coach/instructor dues to the Sail Canada office.  These annual dues cover instructor liability insurance as well as contributing to program development.


  • Pleasure Craft Operator Card
  • First Aid: minimum Emergency level from a nationally recognized provider
  • Coach Boat Safety: one-day course offered through BC Sailing
  • Sailing Certificate: minimum Bronze 4 or CANSail 3


The CANSail Fundamental Course is the required theory portion, and is a prerequisite for all future coaching courses.  The Fundamental is a 2-day course that covers coaching theory, including professionalism, ethics, risk management, safety, skill development, teaching methods and planning a practice.

Ethics: The online ethics exam is offered by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC)  The ethics module is taught during the CANSail Fundamental course, and coaches are required to take the online ethics test prior to registration with Sail Canada.  CANSail coaches must take the Competition Introduction (Comp-Int) exam.


The technical clinic is very hands-on course using the theory learned in the Fundamental course.  There are 3 levels for the technical:

  • CANSail 1 & 2
  • CANSail 3 & 4
  • CANSail 5 & 6

CANSail coaches can only teach the levels they are certified for (eg. CANSail 3 & 4 coaches can only teach CANSail 3 & 4 unless they are also certified in other levels).  The courses are not linear, so become a CANSail 1 & 2 coach is not a prerequisite for becoming a CANSail 3 & 4 coach.  Upon successful completion of the technical clinic, coaches are Trained.  Trained coaches can register with CYA and coach, but must complete an evaluation within 2 years of becoming Trained.


Coaches must complete an evaluation within 2 years of becoming trained to become a Sail Canada Certified Coach.

CANSail requirements excerpted from the BC Sailing website.


Sailing Season 2013 is Almost Here

Welcome back to another year of summer sailing with DSA Victoria. Finally, the beautiful weather is here and we are ready to get back on the water! We have four instructors again this year: Hannah and Matt are returning plus two new staff, Claire and Brock, both with lots of sailing and instructing experience to share.

The format for the sailing schedule is similar to last year. We are continuing with the Tuesday to Saturday schedule, with racing happening Saturday afternoons. Learn to sail sessions are scheduled throughout the summer, and we are going to have more opportunities to receive coaching for everyone. The large Sonar boat is going to be used for groups of sailors again this year. More information will be given out at registration; please ask if you have any questions.

The process for registering has not changed since last year. Please phone RIV at 250-477-6314 to book an appointment to register. This is to prevent waits and line-ups for sailors and to ensure we are still on site to register you. Registration dates this year are Sunday May 26 from 1:00-4:00, Monday May 27 from 3:00-6:00, and Tuesday May 28 from 1:00-4:00. It will be at the Canadian Forces Sailing Assoc. Esquimalt in the main clubhouse (large white building in parking lot). There is a ramp from the parking lot to the main clubhouse for accessibility. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call as we are happy to help.

Please remember that this is not the only chance to register, and that sailors can register throughout the summer season. There will be another registration day on June 13 from 3:00-6:00 only if there are many late registrants. Please phone RIV at 250-477-6314 to book an appointment to register as this additional day will be based on demand.

Watch the new DSA website www.rivonline.org/DSA for updates on weather, cancellations, registration, news, and more! You can download the registration forms from the website and fill them in in order to speed up the registration process. There will also be forms available at registration. Don’t forget the annual registration fee for all sailors is $10.00. Please bring cash or cheque with you to registration. Once registered, sailors can book their first sail.

Thank you for all of your cooperation, it is greatly appreciated and helps to make registration seamless for everybody. We look forward to seeing you all at registration and this summer, and to get back out on the water.

End of Season 2012

Another great DSA season comes to a close as summer turns to fall and colder weather. We’ve had tons of fun on the water this year, with only a few days of cancelled sailing due to weather. We tried some new scheduling, and some new programming with learn to sail sessions and racing. We had a learn to sail session running nearly every week this year! We also saw an increase in the number of group Sonar sails out on the water, and the two boats were often having fun races together.

Check out the October issue of the RIV NEWS and Zephyr for a full end of season report, and watch for the newsletter in May for information on registration next year. We will also update this website with registration information.

From the staff, we would like to thank everyone for their dedication to the program, and for being patient when we were a little behind. We hope all the sailors and their caregivers enjoyed summer of 2012 and that we will see you next year.

Hannah, Lukas, Matt, Emily, Max