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2017 Summer Season Comes to a Close…but not for Long!

As another DSA Victoria summer season comes to a close, it is time to reflect on the past four months. We welcomed a fourth Martin 16 to the program this year through by the generosity of the Vancouver program. We were happy to reconnect with familiar faces, and to also welcome 58 new sailors to the program.  The season started off a bit rocky with winds exceeding our upper safety limits on an unprecedented amount of days, and one less instructor due to sailing instructor shortages, meaning the early summer schedule was impacted. The presence of stronger than average winds really tested our program’s equipment as well as our capacity to schedule as many sails as we had hoped. Despite some setbacks in the early season, the program’s instructors and volunteers rallied together to maximize sailing opportunities on the water. The program also conducted many successful summer camp and day program group sails, which gave several children and young adults their first taste of what it’s like to be on the water in a sailboatt! In the end, we had an awesome season and would like to thank all of our sailors and volunteers for being so supportive and helpful!  
In total, the program offered 412 sails throughout the month of July & August, with an average of 42 sails being conducted per week. Program Instructors Jamie Hargreaves (Head Instructor), Kallie Laycock, Carly Martindale, Luke Frymire and junior instructor Kyle Nadeau contributed a total of 2,054 hours! We really want to thank them for their dedication to the program! We would also like to extend a very big thank you to the volunteer companion sailors who together conducted 52 sailing sessions, as well as our incredible host club CFSA. 
Finally, the summer sailing season may be over, but we are very fortunate to be able to continue with limited sailing into the Fall due to the generous support of the Victoria Foundation. Sails will be conducted primarily on evenings (until daylight allows) and weekends. This is a fantastic opportunity to continue sailing into September and October. Please note that appropriate clothing should be worn as the weather cools quite drastically on the water (and sailing does happen in the rain!). You may book sails by e-mailing (the DSA cell phone will not be monitored during this time).
Post Season Survey
Input from sailors and volunteers is an important part of measuring the program’s success. If you have yet to complete a post season survey, please do so here 
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Off-Season Equipment Maintenance and Work Parties
There are many opportunities to stay engaged through the off-season and contribute to the program!
Board of Director Vacancies
DSA Victoria is primarily a volunteer driven organization. DSA Victoria’s Board of Directors is seeking motivated individuals to fill the following positions:
  • Director of Membership (Sailor Representative)
  • Director of Volunteers (Volunteer Representative)
  • Committee Positions (Various, such as fundraising committee, New Years Eve Regatta Committee, Equipment Maintenance and Work Parties, etc.)
Please email to find out more.

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