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Listen Now: ‘What Binds Us’, 3-part Radio Documentary

Listen Live: ‘What Binds Us!’ 3 Part Radio Documentary created by local DSA Sailor Shaun O’Leary

“My name is Shaun O’Leary. I am a person with a disability and as a person with a disability, I want to see others with disabilities succeed. Like everyone, I have certain activities that keep me healthy. One of them is sailing. Sailing helps me in all aspects of my life. It helps me succeed because it is an adventure that opens my eyes and makes me confident. This confidence often helps me try new things.” – Soundbite from Shaun’s previous documentary “Let’s Go For a Sail!”


In this radio documentary, local DSA Victoria sailor Shaun O’Leary explores the world of women in sport, more specifically, the disparity between genders. During the 3-part series, Shaun brings us interviews with the people involved, including Canadian Sports Hall of Famer for rowing, Silken Laumann; Track Star and Canada’s first female to win a World Championship Perdita Felicia; Canada’s most decorated Paralympic Swimmer of all time Stephanie Dixon; Canada’s first gold medalist in swimming during the Rio 2016 Olympics Penny Oleksiak; Team Canada’s Rugby Physiotherapist Kiyomi Thompson and the only Paralympic to win Gold Medals in two different sports Michelle Stilwell, who is now also a member of the BC Legislative Assembly.

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Shaun is a volunteer with CFUV 101.9FM, the UVIC Radio Station. He is pictured right accepting the award for Best Sport Programming in the Country for Community Radio. "Let's Go For a Sail" is his first full length documentary. Shaun enjoys rock and roll from the 70's and sailing each summer with DSA Victoria. He is very proud of his documentary and we are too - Great job Shaun!

Shaun O'Leary and Johnny Regallatta

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