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Our Boats

Our Boats

As always we would like to give a huge thank you to our committed team of volunteers at CFSA for keeping our fleet in wonderful condition for the upcoming season. 

All of the boats used in our sailing program have weighted keels that prevent the boats from capsizing. They are safe, comfortable, and allow for several seating and sailing adaptations to provide an individual sailing experience.

Different boats are used for different sailing programs – the below three are currently part of our fleet.

Martin 16 

The Martin 16 was one of the first sailboats, designed in Vancouver, to create accessible and safe sailing for all. These boats can be modified with Windlass and Autohelm (electronic sail and rudder control) or Sip and Puff technology to allow an individual who uses a power wheelchair to sail independently. This boat is the two-person race boat used in the annual Mobility Cup Regatta. boats_Fotor

This boat is frequently used for Learn to Sail and Learn to Race sailors. The Martin can be sailed independently, or sailed with an instructor or volunteer sitting behind the sailor.

Access 303 (Wide)

The Access dinghy is an Australian built boat that is designed to simplify the sport of sailing. With their wide beam and low freeboard, they are very stable and easy to manoeuvre. A companion P1020036 (1)sits next to the sailor during their sail.

The seat is a hammock/sling seat, which allows the sailors who are able to relax back into the seat, or sit up without assistance. They are fun and splashy in heavier winds, the perfect boat for recreational sailing!


The Sonar is a keelboat with more availability for seating. This boat is capable of accommodating more passengers (3-4 people with 'Odin' (Sonar)adequate trunk stability) so several sailors can enjoy a leisurely sail with a qualified instructor or volunteer controlling and maneuvering the boat.

For advanced sailors, the Sonar is also open for participating in Wednesday night Club racing at CFSA. Please notify an instructor to arrange for this.