Update Fall 2017: DSA Victoria has now concluded for the 2017 Season and will be returning in the spring of 2018. 

Recreational Sailing

We are a sailing program for anyone with a disability, and recognize that everybody’s needs vary. Recreation sailing is perfect for individuals looking for a new leisure pursuit. Recreational sailing sessions will allow the individual to experience the environment of the water (the wind, the waves, the sun and the wildlife), while developing their sailing skills with as much or as little sailing instruction as they would like.

P1020036 (1)Our uniquely designed boats are safe, comfortable and can be customized to the seating and support needs of the individual. Sailors are partnered with an experienced companion sailor.  From kids, to the aging, recreational sailing offers something for everyone!

Volunteer companion sailors always needed!

Group Sails (Charter)

Group Sails are available for groups of sailors looking to experience a sailing outing together. Group sails are perfect for individuals living in a home share program, a group home, attending a summer camp Sonar sailing from the sailors' perspectivetogether, or simply carpooling to recreational sailing. Group sails are conducted in our Sonar Keel Boats , and we may accommodate up to 3-4 sailors at a time (numbers may vary on the size and seating needs of the sailors).

Contact the Head Instructor in May to find out how you may book a group sail.