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Volunteers F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions from Volunteers

When does the program run?

Our program is a summer program. Sailing sessions happen in July & August, with work parties and volunteer orientation happening in May-June, and Sept-Oct. There are additional opportunities get involved throughout the year as well.

How many hours do I need to commit?

This will vary for each volunteer depending on your availabilities and interests. Individual sailing sesions are typically 90 minutes long, and our program typically runs from Tuesday-Saturdays, with a mix of day sailing and evening sailing. You will be the one to let us know how much or how little you would like to volunteer. We do appreciate when a companion sailor can make a weekly commitment. 

I am a regular force military member, how can I volunteer using the ‘Special Leave for Community Affairs’?

The ‘Special Leave for Community Affairs’ is a wonderful program that allows regular serving members to request an additional week of paid leave to volunteer for community organizations that align with the values of the Canadian Forces. Initiate contact with us to discuss dates for a week you wish to volunteer. You will then need to write a memo to your C.O. for approval (we have templates and can also write letters of support for your request). Once the C.O. has approved your request, we will continue with the volunteer intake and screening. 

I do not have any experience working with individuals who have disabilities. Can I still volunteer for the program?

Yes. Our volunteers are not required to have previous experience working with individuals who have disabilities. Providing you are respectful and wiling to learn, we will work with you to provide training opportunities for you prior to your time with us. 

I do not have any sailing experience. Can I still volunteer for the program?

Of course! There is an opportunity for everyone. Let us know what your special skills are and we will work with you to find a way for you to contribute to our program. Additionally, if you continue to work on your sailing skills, there may be future opportunities to become a companion sailor.

I have noticed that lots of the communication I receive comes from Recreation Integration Victoria; this confuses me. 

Recreation Integration Victoria is DSA Victoria’s partner agency. DSA Victoria is only a summer program, so Recreation Integration Victoria handles most of DSA Victoria’s affairs, such as monitoring the e-mails, managing website and communications, processing volunteers, planning events, and supporting the program’s instructors and operations. You will come to know Recreation Integration Victoria quite well during your time as a DSA Victoria volunteer.