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Informed Consent Forms, Waivers, and Releases fulfill an important part of Recreation Integration Victoria’s (RIV) Risk Management Plan.  The most important function of these forms is to inform the participant about the risks that they might be exposed to when participating in a program, activity, or service with RIV.  This allows them to make an informed decision about whether they choose to participate or  not.  These forms also provide us with the information we might require in the event of an incident or accident.  Waivers do protect our agency in the event a participant seeks compensation for something that happened to them while participating in one of our programs, activities, or services.

“An adult may waive their right to compensation (even if there is negligence) if they understand what they have signed and hence understand the risks they are assuming.” (Susan F. Goodman and Ian McGregor, 1993)  In situations where the individual does not understand what they are signing or what risks they might be exposed a Legal Representative or Committee of the vulnerable person must sign on their behalf.

In the case of children and youth under the age of 19, no one including parents and legal guardians has the right to waive their rights. In fact, a person turning 19 has the right to sue, for up to two years, for anything that may have happened to them while they were a child.  This is why we have parents and legal guardians sign the Informed Consent form for people under the age of 19.   Canadian courts have determined that even in the cases where a parent or guardian has signed a waiver on behalf of their child or youth,  the waiver is viewed by the courts as an Informed Consent.

If you open and then download the following forms by clicking the links below the forms are fillable pdfs:

Informed Consent and Releases for Participants under 19 years of age.
Waiver and Releases for Participants/Volunteers 19 years of age and older.

Please take care in filling out the forms to ensure the information you provide is legible and all of the required fields are filled out.  If you have any questions regarding the forms don’t hesitate to contact us.

N.B.  Completed forms should be returned us, in person, by mail or via a fax machine.  Electronic versions sent to us via e-mail are not acceptable as legal documents.


Additional Forms

CYSN Request Form 2019 – coming soon
SIS Request Form 2019 – coming soon