LAVA has launched!

The Leisure Access Victoria App (LAVA) is now Live!

Last year we announced the LAVA project and after an incredible amount of dedication and hard work we are pleased to announce the webapp is now live. The LAVA website was conceived in order to increase availability of information pertaining to the access of recreation facilities in the Victoria area and decrease anxiety about entering a new unknown environment. The emphasis has been and will continue to be on providing information on accessibility features by including pictures, videos and descriptions about the facilities. This highlights one of our main messages “Know Before you Go!”. We want everyone to feel comfortable entering a Recreation Centre knowing that they will have the right equipment and space for them. Our goal is to increase physical activity in Victoria by decreasing individuals’ negative first experiences at recreation facilities. The LAVA website is available to use by anyone who has an interest in attending a local Recreation or Community Centre in the Capital Regional District. Through collaboration with the University of Victoria’s School of Public Health and Social Policy, Mitacs, and the Telus Community Board, we are proud and excited to announce that LAVA has officially launched.

We hope that you find the LAVA website of value to you!

Click to be redirected to the LAVA webapp now (