Leisure Assistance Program

Leisure Assistance Program

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As a participant with our Leisure Assistance Program, participants will be matched with a volunteer, otherwise known as a Leisure Assistant. This volunteer will provide assistance and companionship for the client to participate in leisure or recreational activities. Matches are chosen based on interests, availability, and location and participants range from young to old with varied disabilities. Common activities include swimming, skating, hiking, working out at the gym, going to a local park or show, arts and crafts and much more. The specific type and location of your activity will vary based on the needs and interests of participants and volunteers.

If you, or someone you know, would like to be a volunteer with our Leisure Assistance Program, please see Volunteer: Leisure Assistance Program

Frequently Asked Questions

“How many hours do Leisure Assistants volunteer each week?” 
Most of our volunteers will commit anywhere from one to four hours per week with the participant they are matched with. The hours vary depending on availability and what the participant’s interests are.

“Do I have to pay to participate in the Leisure Assistance Program?”
There is no cost involved with the LA program. All of our Leisure Assistants are volunteers.

“What kind of activities do I participate in?”
Our matches are based on common recreational and leisure interests. If you enjoy running, swimming, music etc. we will match you with someone who enjoys the same activities.

“What are qualification requirements for volunteers?”
Our volunteers are not required to have past experience working with individuals who have disabilities. However, they do have a volunteer orientation with the Leisure Assistance Coordinator, complete a criminal record check and confidentiality and liability form, and provide three references.


Contact Information

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in a being a participant, please contact the Leisure Assistance Coordinator to be put on the waitlist.

Leisure Assistance Coordinator
Tel: (250) 477-6314 ext. 205
Fax: (250) 477-6046
E-mail: volunteers@rivonline.org

Recreation Integration Victoria is proud to recognize CO-OP students from the University of Victoria for the Leisure Assistance Coordinator position. Therefore, this position will be revolving, and the coordinator will be temporary.

Where You Can Find Us

4135 Lambrick Way
Victoria, B.C. V8N 5R3