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Doug Nutting


Doug Nutting has been Executive Director of Recreation Integration Victoria (R.I.V.) since its inception in 1990.  Hired in 1988 as the Coordinator of Integrated Recreation Services, an Inter-municipally funded service, Doug guided the development of Integrated Recreation Services into the partnership of services known as Recreation Integration Victoria. R.I.V. is recognized across North America as a premier inclusive leisure and recreation service delivery and funding model.
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Amie Renaud


Amie Renaud has recently joined our team as Coordinator of Services. She grew up in Ontario and came to Vancouver Island when her partner was posted to 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron. Amie graduated from the University of Ottawa with a B.Sc. in Conflict Studies and Human Rights, with a minor in Health Sciences, from the University of Ottawa. She also has 10 years experience in management and coaching.  Amie is familiar with the Disabled Sailing Program as she was a sailing instructor with the organization in 2014. Amie has been a keen sailor for many years instructing at Quinte Sailability in Trenton Ontario for six years and running the Nepean Sailing Club’s Learn to Sail Program. When Amie is not working or sailing, she enjoys hiking, camping, and exploring the Vancouver Island.

DSC_0604Faye Cawsey


Faye has a background in community rehabilitation and worked in a variety of areas including residential settings, social services as a family support advisor and counselor in Calgary before moving to Victoria.  She had proudly worked with R.I.V. since 1990.  She has had the pleasure of watching many of R.I.V.’s participants grow up over the years and is always excited when one of our many Co-op students who have worked with us over time re-connects and shares their updates of life and professional development. Faye is married with a teenage daughter and her own leisure interests including gardening and gab sessions over lunch with close friends.

Paige Quinn


Paige started working at Recreation Integration Victoria in January 2017. She was born and raised in North Vancouver, BC, and moved to Victoria after graduating high school. She attends the University of Victoria and is currently working on her degree in Recreation and Health Education. With this degree Paige hopes to work in the health and recreation industry, ideally as an occupational therapist. Her main occupational goal is to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Paige describes herself as a sport loving, ukulele playing, hard working individual with a passion for being in the outdoors.


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