Primary Services

Recreation Integration Victoria facilitates active lifestyles for people with disabilities while also promoting socialization and access to community-based leisure and recreation opportunities. All R.I.V. services are client focused. Service is provided through five principal means:

Leisure Assistant’s Pass

*Please note that effective January 1st, 2020, this service will no longer be administered by RIV. Read more

Issued by R.I.V., this pass allows an individual providing leisure assistance to a person with a disability free admission to all municipal recreation facilities and some private sector venues. The pass is issued to the person with the disability. We feel people with disabilities should contribute full admission whenever possible. However, they should not be required to pay double admission because they require an assistant in order to participate.

Leisure Assistance (Volunteer) Program

1:1 volunteer assistance that facilitates the inclusion of all persons with a disability people who otherwise would not be able to participate in community-based opportunities. This service involves matching a person with a disability one-on-one with a volunteer (Leisure Assistant) who has similar recreation and leisure interests. Together they go out into the community and participate in activities that they both enjoy. See more →

Equipment Loan Service:

We have a variety of specially designed and adapted equipment available for loan. Our equipment is available for anyone in the community with a need for an adapted piece of equipment; from individuals, parents and caregivers to educational assistants and recreational and physical therapists.

Summer Inclusion Service:

With Canada Summer Jobs funding from Service Canada we facilitate the inclusion of children and teens with disabilities into summer community Parks and Recreation opportunities through the use of trained 1:1 staff.

Leisure Planning and Referral

1:1 assistance to the individual in identifying their leisure and recreation interests and where they can pursue them in their local community.

Other Services

Leisure Access Victoria App (LAVA)

The LAVA website was conceived in order to increase availability of information pertaining to the access of recreation facilities in the Victoria area and decrease anxiety about entering a new unknown environment. The emphasis has been and will continue to be on providing information on accessibility features by including pictures, videos and descriptions about the facilities. This highlights one of our main messages “Know Before you Go!”. We want everyone to feel comfortable entering a Recreation Centre knowing that they will have the right equipment and space for them. Our goal is to increase physical activity in Victoria by decreasing individuals’ negative first experiences at recreation facilities.

Recreation Integration Victoria News:

A seasonal newsletter which highlights upcoming recreation and leisure opportunities available in our local communities that may be of interest to people who use our service. We also hope that each issue provides some thought provoking editorial that relates to people with disabilities and community inclusion. Latest Edition →

Training and Education

Opportunities for consumers, recreation and parks staff and the general public to learn about Recreation Integration, how people with disabilities participate, and how to facilitate this participation in community recreation and leisure services. Additionally, we provide ongoing post-secondary co-operative education and practicum placements for university and college students. These placements provide students with an opportunity to learn about, work with, and develop a commitment to the provision of inclusive leisure and recreation opportunities for people with disabilities.

Community Partnerships

We work with other community organizations and services to maximize the  recreation and leisure opportunities available to people with disabilities.  We also advise and consult with people planning community events on access and inclusion.

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