Summer Inclusion Service Requests Now Open for 2016

Summer Inclusion Service Requests Now Open for 2016

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Summer Inclusion Service (Day Camp Support)

This service matches a child/youth with a disability with a 1:1 assistant (Inclusion Facilitator) who attends a generic community-based camp as chosen by the family with the child. Families may request 1 week of 1:1 support with an Inclusion Facilitator. Efforts are made to fill all requests, but many factors determine whether a family will receive support (popularity of week requested, order of request received, availability of appropriately gendered staff, flexibility in the nature of request, etc).

Suitable for: School-aged children and youth with developmental, physical or neuro-sensory disabilities.

Cost: Family is responsible for program registration and associated fees. Inclusion Facilitator is provided free of charge.

Ages Served: 6-18 years

Location: Municipal and generic community-based summer camps within the Greater Victoria Area.

To Submit your Request:

Please use the following online form to submit your 2019 request for Summer Inclusion.

Please do note that you are also welcome to submit a request in-person or by telephone as well if you prefer. Generally we fulfill requests on a first come first served basis; however, other factors do contribute to our ability to fulfill a request (ex: availability of appropriately gendered staff, popularity of week requested, inflexibility in the request, etc.). The request is an initial request.  If you have any questions pertaining to this program or form, please call the office at 250-477-6314.

A reminder that RIV’s ‘Yellow Booklet’: Summer Services for Children with Disabilities is available following Spring Break of 2018.

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