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2018 Yellow Booklet Is now Available

Note from the Executive Director

We are pleased to provide the 22nd edition of our Summer Services for Children with Disabilities booklet (affectionately known as the ‘Yellow Booklet’). We hope that our booklet will assist you and your children with disabilities in planning for your summer. We would like to thank all of the organizations listed for their collaboration. RIV’s ‘Yellow Booklet’ has become a valued tool of parents planning their child or youth’s summer. In 1996, we saw that there was a great disparity in the number of weeks of summer service a child or youth with disabilities received, based on their parent or caregiver’s knowledge of the available summer options. The little Yellow Booklet, as it has come to be referred to, was developed to ensure all parents had equal access to program information in order for them to make informed choices. Over the years, the booklet has grown to include listings from an increasing number of agencies, as well as summer residential camps. I hope you find our 22nd edition meets your planning needs and your child or youth has a wonderful summer experience!

Doug Nutting, Executive Director of Recreation Integration Victoria

Click here to view a copy of the 2018 Yellow Booklet