2020 Yellow Booklet

The Summer Services Booklet for Children and Youth with Disabilities (affectionately known as the Yellow Booklet), has been produced by RIV for 24 years to help families begin their planning for their child’s summer.

The launch of this booklet typically marks the beginning of registrations for summer programs, including RIV’s very in-demand Summer Inclusion Service. RIV has operated this service for families for nearly 30 years, providing trained 1:1 Inclusion Facilitators for children who require extra support to attend summer programs, at no cost to families.

We are saddened to announce this will be the last edition of the booklet produced by RIV, but are thrilled to announce that Community Living Victoria will be taking over the publication of this beloved booklet next year.

Additionally, we are overjoyed that the Summer Inclusion Service will delivered through Lifetime Networks, ensuring that children with disabilities in our communities can continue to benefit from this amazing service.

Please note that all information about programs listed in the booklet may not be entirely accurate as our Pandemic situation continues to evolve, and you should reach out to the individual programs with your specific questions.

To view the 2020 Edition of the Yellow Booklet click here