Update: Summer Inclusion Service continuing on at Lifetime Networks

RIV is pleased to announce that our Summer Inclusion Service (SIS) will be continuing in the community through Lifetime Networks!

RIV and Lifetime Networks will be working together to ensure a smooth transition of the service. This service will be available as early as this summer 2020 through Lifetime Networks.

Keep your eye out on Lifetime Network’s webpage for the Summer Inclusion request form following Spring Break. As well, the Lifetime Networks Overnight Residential Camp request form can be found in the Yellow Booklet, also released after spring break.

RIV would be happy to answer any questions about the transition of SIS, please feel free to give us a call at 250-477-6314 or email us at information@rivonline.org.

We thank Lifetime Networks in their dedication to the community, to ensure this important service continues.

Unfamiliar with SIS? SIS provides an Inclusion Facilitator, at no cost to you, to provide 1:1 support for your child/ youth with a diversability in the summer camp of their choice. You sign up and pay for the camp, request an Inclusion Facilitator through Lifetime Network’s online form, and we do the best at fulfilling your requests. Requests are honoured on a first-come, first-serve basis.