Important Changes to RIV Services (Leisure Assistant’s Pass)

A Word from the President

Dear RIV* Clients, Volunteers & Supporters, 

The last year has brought many challenges to the Board of Directors and staff. The most significant change was the unexpected withdrawal of funding from three major municipal partners in the spring which prompted the retirement of Doug Nutting, RIV’s Executive Director of 32 years at the end of August. This was followed by the departure of Faye Cawsey, who also left at the end of August to focus on her health due to her disability. Their 52 years of
combined service was immeasurable and we have felt their absence significantly.

It has been extremely disappointing that the remaining municipalities have given notice this fall of not continuing their funding or support beyond December 31, 2019.

We met with some of the municipalities to determine if a restructured partnership were possible, and it became clear that the recreation facilities are trying to provide integration services internally by adding new programs and staff. We certainly applaud their effort and see it as one of the successes of our past 30-year partnership with them.

The remaining RIV staff (Amie, Kirsty, Darcy and Megan) and Board Members (Yvonne, Adia, Mark, Jim and Jen) are working collectively in strategic planning meetings which are helping us realize that the organization has to evolve. We are focusing on the strengths of RIV and putting our large client base as our number one priority.

RIV as we know it is no longer sustainable.

RIV’s most beloved service, the Leisure Assistance Pass (LA Pass), will no longer be administered by RIV, but will still be available through each individual municipal recreation departments (see details below). RIV will be helping with the transition of this service to the recreation centres. We are actively exploring solutions to have some of our other services, like our Volunteer Service and Summer Inclusion Service housed at other organizations by connecting with our partners at like-minded agencies. We encourage organizations to reach out to us should they have similarly aligned projects or services. We are all excited to see who we can align ourselves with to provide a stronger service to our clients.

It is our intention to continue this process with transparency and with the best interest of the RIV clients in mind. Announcements will continue to be posted to the main page of RIV’s website, at 

– Yvonne Locke, President of the Victoria Integration Society, on behalf of VIS’ Board Members and Staff.

*RIV’s legal operating name is the Victoria Integration Society. For simplicity, the staff & board will continue referring to VIS as RIV during this time.  

New Renewal Procedures for the Leisure Assistant’s Pass Effective January 1st, 2020

Due to our funding changes, RIV will no longer be administering the LA Pass service. Effective January 1st 2020, Leisure Assistant’s Passes will be available at all municipal recreation centres.

To obtain a new pass, or renew your old LA pass, you will need to contact your local recreation centre. Refer to the table listed in the downloadable attachment below to find your local recreation centre and contact information.

Don’t worry, your new pass will still have the same function as it always has! All the same venues that you’ve enjoyed using your pass at will still be accepting the new LA passes.

We encourage you to call 250-477-6314 or email us at if you encounter any challenges with the renewal of your existing pass.